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One of the most unique features of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo that rather than being a zoo that does conservation work it functions more like conservation effort that just happens to be a zoo.

The Cheyenne Mountain zoo is always striving to help endangered species. Specifically it helps breed endangered animals like the Black-Foot Ferret, the Mountain Tapir, and Mexican Wolf. They do this to help re-populate the species as well as help educate people on the importance of preservation. The Zoo actually participates in over 30 Species Survival programs.

One of their best claims to fame is their large giraffe herd that is larger than any known Zoo in existence. This in due in part to their conservation efforts and the 35% decrease in wild population in the past 35 years. While they help keep Giraffe's safe in their Zoo they also have helped sponsor conservation efforts in Africa, the homeland to Giraffes. Through the proceeds from Zoo ticket sales they even funded a transport operation of 18 Rothchild's giraffes from the Murchison Falls National Park to their original homeland. Even worse than other species of Giraffe there are only 1,500 Rothchild's Giraffes left in the wild and almost all of them are in Murchison Falls National Park.

Guests to the Zoo can contribute to these efforts by buying an Adopt Giraffe Package for 65 dollars, buying their hoof print art and visiting the zoo as much as possible. Guests also can have the unique opportunity to actually feed a Giraffe. Every day from 9 am to 5 pm guests can purchase a lettuce bundle for 3 dollars or two for 5 dollars to feed these unique beautiful creatures. Guests can access this special experience at the African Rift Valley.

Other animal exhibits include the Aquatics, Asian Highlands, Australia Walkabout, Bears, Encounter Africa, Monkey Pavilion, My Big Backyard, Primate Owrld, Rocky Cliffs, Rocky Mountain Wiled, Scutes Family Gallery, and more!